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Farming without soil at Koraput,Odisha

Koraput, Odisha News

Farming without soil is known as hydroponic

organic farming without soil by ankit mohanty

Everything has changed because of the corona epidemic. Some people have changed their jobs, while others are trying to become self-sufficient by adopting new strategies. Similarly, Ankit Mohanty, a data science student from Bangalore, has come to his home in Koraput to become a guide for all in the field of Agricultural Science. 

Organic Farming without Soil by Ankit Mohanty of Koraput district

He has done this farming using only organic fertilizer in water without any soil. This method is used to grow a variety of vegetables such as different type of spinach, capsicum, and tomatoes by plastic pipes.

"It's about 10 times more productive than normal," he said. These vegetables are very beneficial for health and have become a way to earn fresh green vegetables in fewer places. Now that the research has begun on the roof of his house, Ankit plans to do it in more places in the future. While studying, he began to look for solutions for problems such as not getting fresh vegetables in cities like Bangalore.

Realizing that vegetable farming could take place without soil, he began to discuss, discuss, and schedule work.

A few months of study and application have brought Ankit success. Farming without soil can be more attractive and produce fewer vegetables in fewer places.
organic farming without soil in odisha

Even though the cost of cultivating it is a bit high at first, the yield will be higher in the next two to three years," he said.

What a pain he felt during the corona. With that in mind, he has decided to pursue farming in the future. As a result, he hopes that this small area of research will work for the people of Koraput.

According to agricultural experts, Ankit's efforts will help inspire the younger generation.
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