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Mayurbhanj's KAI CHUTNEY(Red Weaver Ant)-Seeks GI Tags

Tribals of the Mayurbhanj locale in Odisha are looking for a Geographical Indications(GI) tag for Kai Chutney

To Odisha tribes, meals made from weaver ants provide an effective treatment for many ailments and are believed to boost immunity and help fight off diseases.

GI Tag for Mayurbhanj dist of Odisha-Kai Chutney
Kai Chutney of Mayurbhanj District of Odisha

It is common for people to remain away from red weaver ants since their stings can cause severe irritation and reddish bumps on the skin. However, they are well-known throughout Odisha's Mayurbhanj district with the locals predominantly tribal, due to the delicious food item made from it known as Kai Chutney. Kai Chutney.

Ant Chutney-Amazing Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

This food item that tastes savoury, and high in protein-rich proteins as well as calcium, zinc vitamin B12, iron potassium, magnesium, sodium copper, fibre, and amino acid 18 is believed to boost your immune system and fight off illnesses.

In Odisha, researchers are improving their research in order to prepare presentations to the geographic indications (GI) registry for Kai Chutney. The food category is where the GI label will help in the development of an organized hygiene procedure for the making of Kai Chutney for standard wider usage. The GI label enhances the image and value of local produce and helps local companies.

The Weaver Ants, which are scientifically known as Oecophylla smaragdina, can be located in Mayurbhanj all through the entire year. They build nests out of leaves from host trees. "When necessary, the nests of ants are removed from their hosts and placed in the form of a bucket filled with water prior to sorting them out and separating them from debris and leaves. The adult and larval stages of insects are the most popular and are consumed raw or transformed into "chutney" by mixing them with spicy ingredients" stated Jagannath Patra, a scientist at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK). Chutney is made by grinding and mixing salt as well as garlic, ginger and chillies and is then offered by tribals at market stalls in rural areas.

Bio-control and medicinal uses of Red Ant or Kai

Based on the request for the GI registry, submitted to Mayurbhanj Kai Society Limited, Mayurbhanj Kai Society Limited, "The nests are sturdy enough to withstand winds and water impermeably. Kai's nests tend to be oval in shape and vary in size, from a small leaf folded in half and bound around itself to huge nests that are made up of numerous leaves that exceed half a meter long."

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Benefits of Kai Chutney:

"The tribes of Mayurbhanj consume Kai chutney or soup to get rid of flu, common cold, whooping cough, to increase appetite, enhance vision and eyesight naturally without corrective eyewear and to treat joints pain, stomach diseases, essentials for the development of a healthy brain and the nervous system," Deepak Kumar Mohanty is a senior scientist at KVK told.

Health Benefits of Super Food -Kai Chutney:

"The tribesmen healers make therapeutic oil by submerging the Kais that they have collected Kais in mustard oil. In the following 30 days, the oil is used to make baby oil and is used externally to treat gout, rheumatism ringworm, and many other skin ailments. It is, therefore, the only solution for tribespeople," the application says.

"The "Kai" (Red Weaver Ant) family is comprised of three categories: workers major workers, queens, and workers. Major workers and workers tend to be orange-coloured. Kai's feed on insects as well as other invertebrates and their main prey are insects, flies, and beetles," it said.

"Kais is a biocontrol agent. They are fierce and prey upon the majority of arthropods who enter their territories. Because of their prey-like nature, Kais are recognised as biological pest control for tropical crop species since they defend a wide range of crops from various insects. They can be used as an indirect alternative to pesticides that are chemical," said Dr Mohanty.

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