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Pushkara has been released outside of Odisha

Odia Film of Sabyasachi Mishra's 'Pushkara' Hits Screens Beyond Odisha

Sabyasachi Mishra's Pushkara

Tarang Cine Productions's 'Pushkara' 'Takes the Spotlight

Tarang Cine Productions' latest venture, 'Pushkara', has not only won hearts in Odisha but is now set to mesmerize audiences nationwide. This film delves into the fading traditions and cultural heritage of Odisha, offering a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of the state's rituals.

Know here all about 'PUSHKARA'

Sabyasachi mishra in pushkara

A Cinematic Journey Beyond Borders:

Pushkara's journey began in Odisha, where it premiered on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, September 19. The response was overwhelming, with theaters witnessing full houses across the state.

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An Ode to Odia Culture:

The film draws inspiration from the renowned Odia writer, Sankar Tripathy's masterpiece, 'Nadabindu'. Its portrayal of Odisha's cultural intricacies has garnered praise from both critics and cinema enthusiasts alike.

Expanding Horizons:

In a response to numerous requests from Odias residing outside the state, the creators decided to release Pushkara in various cities beyond Odisha. The initial phase saw the film screening in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Thane.

Odia Film 'Pushkara'Coming Soon to Your City:

The excitement doesn't end there. Pushkara is slated to reach even more cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, and many others. The team is also considering requests from eager fans in Kolkata.

Words from the Protagonist:

Sabyasachi Mishra, the lead actor, expressed his joy at the film's expanding reach. "Now everyone can book their shows in these cities," he announced, promising a delightful cinematic experience for Odia movie lovers nationwide.

A Commitment to Excellence:

Devidutta Mohanty, the Executive Producer of Tarang Cine Productions, shared their commitment to ensuring the film's success in major cities across the country. Their dedication to bringing Odisha's cultural heritage to a wider audience is commendable.


'Pushkara' is not merely a film; it's a celebration of Odisha's rich cultural tapestry. As it continues its journey across cities, it promises to resonate with audiences of all backgrounds, fostering an appreciation for the vibrant traditions of this enchanting state. Stay tuned for a screening near you!

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