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Khoka Bhai Tama Pain:Odia Film about Akshay Mohanty

Khoka Bhai Tama Pain: A Tribute to Akshay Kumar Mohanty

Khoka bhai tama pain poster
Khoka Bhai Tama Pain-Odia Film

In an exciting venture, Kuhu Cine Flicks, along with Bhadra Motion Studio, is all set to present the much-awaited Odia film, 'Khoka Bhai Tama Pain'. While the film is about the life of the legendary and famous music composer and singer, Akshay Kumar Mohanty, it's important to note that it's not a movie about his whole life(Not Biopic)

Khoka bhai tama pain-odia film
Khoka Bhai Tama Pain: Title Announcement 

Akshay Kumar Mohanty's Lasting Musical Impression

Akshay Kumar Mohanty, who was a famous music artist, contributed his musical talent to the film, crafting a beautiful and emotional soundtrack.

Even though Akshay Kumar Mohanty is no longer with us, his music for the film will surely touch your heart.

Star cast of 'Khoka Bhai Tama Pain':

The main character of the film is played by the very famous actor, Swaraj Barik. However, details about his character haven't been announced yet. As soon as they are, we will update it here.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of 'Khoka Bhai Tama Pain

The film is directed by Girish Mohanty and his team. They've worked really hard to make a movie that everyone will enjoy.

Bishnupriya Sahu and Subhendu Kumar Sahu are working as producers. They are making sure that 'Khoka Bhai Tama Pain'Odia film is the best it can be and that people will love watching it.

The story of this Odia film, which is like the plan or outline of the movie, is written by two talented people, Bharadwaj Panda and Mitrabhanu Mohanty. They've made sure the story is interesting and will keep you interested.

'Khoka Bhai Tama Pain' is a Odia movie that celebrates the amazing work of Akshay Kumar Mohanty. It's going to be a touching and musical movie experience. Stay tuned to find out when it will be in theaters, and get ready to enjoy the story and music of this amazing artist.

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