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Odia meaning of altitude

Altitude meaning in Odia

Here is the altitude meaning in Odia Dictionary (ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଶବ୍ଦକୋଷ)

Altitude meaning in Odia
Altitude meaning in Odia 

altitude n. height above sea level (of a place or object) 

Altitude: Height above a reference point, like sea level or the Earth's surface. Used in geography, aviation, space exploration, human perception, and mathematics.

What is called 'altitude' in Odia?

ସମୁଦ୍ର ପତ୍ତନ ଠାରୁ (କୌଣସି ସ୍ଥାନ ବା ବସ୍ତୁର) ; distance of a star etc. above the horizon, measured as an angle ଚକ୍ରବାଳ ବା ଦିଗ୍‌ବଳୟ ଠାରୁ ତାରା ନକ୍ଷତ୍ରଙ୍କର ଦୂରତ୍ନ (କୌଣିକ ପରିମାପ ଅନୁସାରେ) । 

American pronunciation of Altitude: ଆଲ୍ଟିଟୁଡ୍ 

British pronunciation of Altitude:


Here are several different meanings of the word "altitude" listed point-wise:

1. Geographical Elevation:

   - Altitude commonly refers to the height above sea level, especially in geography and topography.

   - It indicates how high a location is relative to a reference point, usually the average sea level.

2. Aircraft Measurement:

   - In aviation, altitude refers to the vertical distance of an aircraft above a specific reference point, such as the ground or sea level.

   - Pilots use altitude measurements to navigate safely and maintain appropriate separation from terrain and other aircraft.

3. Space and Astronomy:

   - Altitude can also refer to the height of an object or location above the Earth's surface, atmosphere, or a celestial body.

   - In space exploration, altitude denotes the distance above the Earth's surface or above other celestial bodies, such as the Moon or Mars.

4. Human Perception:

   - Altitude can represent a feeling of height or elevation experienced by individuals, such as when standing on a tall building or mountain.

   - This subjective perception of altitude relates to the psychological or emotional response to being at a high or elevated location.

Odia Dictionary 

5. Mathematics and Geometry:

   - Altitude refers to a perpendicular line segment from a vertex of a geometric figure, such as a triangle, to the opposite side or base.

   - In trigonometry, altitude plays a crucial role in calculating various properties of geometric shapes, particularly triangles.

These are some of the different meanings and contexts in which the word "altitude" is used.

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