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Odia Film Producer Sanjaya Nayak(Tutu Nayak)

Odia Film Producer Sanjaya Nayak

Sanjaya Nayak arrested
Sanjaya Nayak (Tutu Nayak) Odia Film Producer 
Explore the journey of Sanjay Nayak, also known as Tutu, a distinguished Odia filmmaker who gained attention after an incident involving a journalist. Uncover his prolific career and significant impact on the Odia film industry.

Sanjaya Nayak:Biography and Controversy 

Film producer Sanjay Nayak, also known as Tutu, has been arrested by Odisha Police for allegedly behaving badly with a woman journalist at a theatre in Bhubaneshwar. The incident occurred near Sriya-Swati cinema hall, where Nayak is accused of slapping and verbally abusing journalist Debasmita Rout while she was reporting. The journalist filed a complaint at Kharvel Nagar police station, leading to Nayak's arrest. The police conducted an investigation, including reviewing CCTV footage, before taking action. This incident has caused widespread outrage, resulting in multiple FIRs being filed. Odisha Women in Media (OWM) met with Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh, urging a fair inquiry. The State Commission for Women has also requested a report within 15 days.

Odia Film Khoka Bhai Tama Pain

Filmography of Sanjaya Nayak:

Sanjay Nayak, popularly known as Tutu, is a highly successful filmmaker from Odisha, India. In just 15 years, he has directed 32 movies and established his production house, 'Sanjay Nayak Films,' where he not only directs but also writes scripts, lyrics, and handles the screenplay. One of his notable achievements is directing the first-ever science fiction movie in Odia, "Keun Duniaru Asila Bandhu."

Nayak's exceptional work led to a nomination in the Limca Book of World Records for censoring two films, "Dil Tate Deichi" and "Sasura Ghara Jindabad," on the same day, a feat believed to be a first in world cinema. He holds a record in Indian cinema for releasing three films in 2003, 2005, and 2008.

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Sanjay Nayak has collaborated extensively with actor and MP Siddhanta Mahapatra, directing him in 8 consecutive movies and working together in a total of 12 films. He has also ventured into television, writing the script for the prime-time mega-serial "Mausi" on ETV Oriya and directing the mega-serial "Tike Khara Tike Chhai" on Doordarshan Odia.

List of some of Sanjay Nayak's notable films:

1. Rakhi Bandhili Mo Rakhiba Mana (2002)

2. Rahichi Rahibi Tori Payeen (2003)

3. Nari Akhire Niya (2003)

4. Rakata Kahiba Kie Kahara (2003)

5. Keun Duniaru Asila Bandhu (2009)

6. Dil Tate Deichi (2010)

7. Sasura Ghara Zindabad (2010)

8. Mita Basichi Mu Bhuta Sanga Re (2013)

9. Bhaina Kana Kala Se (2016)

10. Prema Ra Rakhichi 100 Ru 100 (2019)

He also has several films in the pipeline awaiting release.

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