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Odisha Govt. Scheme -Khushi Sanitary Napkin Program

Odisha Govt.Khushi Sanitary Napkin Program 2022 

- Free Sanitary Pads for 17 Lakh Girls

Odisha Khushi Sanitary Napkin Program 2022 will provide 18 free sanitary napkins to girls in government schools. Download Khusi App from Google Play Store to get the Khushi Yojana subsidized sanitary napkins for rural women through Asha workers Khushi Yojana.

Odisha govt scheme khusi sanitary napkin
Odisha Govt. Scheme-Khusi Sanitary Napkin Scheme

Khushi Sanitary Serviette Scheme 2022 was launched by the Odisha government to provide free sanitary pads to women. The state authorities then took over. Students who find out about the authorities might receive sanitary napkins. / Authorities. Aided faculties from customary 6 to plain 12. This pro-women initiative is expected to benefit approximately 1.7 million women across the state. The Odisha Khushi Yojana, which is worth Rs. 70 crore, is funded by the State Division of Well being and Household Welfare. The cost is estimated to be Rs 70 crore. 

-Why Odisha Khushi Scheme was Initiated  

-Salient features of Khushi Sanitary Pad Yojana

-Download the -Khushi Scheme Mobile App from Google Play Store

-Who is eligible for the Khusi Scheme?

-18 Sanitary Napkins for Class 6-12th Students

Odisha Khushi Sanitary Napkin Scheme, 2022

On 26 February 2018, Chief Minister Naveen Patel launched Khushi Yojana. At a fee, the state can also expand the social advertising and marketing for pads for female college students. The scheme will encourage menstrual hygiene, well-being, and reduce the dropout rate for women in faculties. As it could result in more sustainable adolescent girls in faculties, the Khushi Sanitary Service Scheme is a significant step towards ladies empowerment.

Why Odisha Khushi Yojana was launched

According to the Nationwide Household Wellbeing Survey (National Family Health Survey), 53% of Odisha's women use unhygienic methods and 69% wear clothes during menstruation. The Khushi program was launched by the Odisha authorities to address this terrible situation. Rural ladies can also get sanitary napkins from the Authorities of Odisha for a sponsorship fee of Rs. Asha activists offer six napkins for 6

The Key Options for the Khushi Sanitary Pad Program:

Happiness, which in Odia means "happiness", is an Odisha-based program that provides free sanitary pads for girls. These are the key features and characteristics of this distribution scheme for sanitary pads:

It is a significant step by the state authorities. To help women maintain their menstrual hygiene and their health.

All adolescent girls in grades 6-12 are enrolled in a variety of govt. / govt. These sanitary napkins will be provided free to all schools that receive aid.

This scheme will benefit approximately 17 lakh girls from Odisha.

-The federal government will then expand the scheme and distribute sanitary pads to all girls and women in the area at sponsored fees.

Unhygienic periods can also lead to women dropping out of college.

The Khushi Sanitary Serviette Scheme aims to provide free sanitary napkins in all areas. It is also a pro-women program. This scheme will increase the retention of women in the authorities. Also, government-aided faculties will increase women's empowerment.

Google Play Retailer: Get the Khushi Scheme mobile app

On fifth January 2021, the Authorities of Odisha launched the Khushi Scheme mobile app. You can now purchase the Khushi Scheme app from Google Play Retailer. This net utility will ensure that Khushi Yojana's availability chain administration is smooth. This net utility from Khushi Yojana will allow you to stock sanitary napkins in a block-level warehouse. College nodal officers can also distribute feminine college students sanitary serviette pads.

The new Khushi Yojana mobile app will ensure transparency in the distribution and provision of sanitary serviette pads. This utility might help ensure a sufficient inventory of the block degree.

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Who is eligible for the Khushi Scheme?

The federal government's primary Khushi program offers free sanitary napkins to all adolescents aged 6-12 in all authorities. This includes faculties that are assisted by authorities in all 314 blocks as well as 5 municipal companies. In the budget of 2021-22 Rs. To increase the protection of beneficiaries, 30 crores has been offered below the distribution of Khushi-Sanitary Napkins (month-to-month hygiene program).

Authorities. Female college students may be eligible for 18 free sanitary napkins. These pads can also be provided at no cost to rural women by Asha employees. The Authorities of Odisha. There are many different programs for girls, such as Mission Shakti and Mission Mamta. Moreover, they have been successfully implemented.

18 sanitary napkins available for 6-12-year-old college students

All students at authorities colleges will now have access to sanitary napkins in a convenient and cushy manner. The state authorities have launched the Khushi software program. This association may make it easier and more efficient to administer the scheme. This technique may be possible via a cell phone app. Suppliers of sanitary napkins will be able to deliver items within the timeframe established by the current system. All this material will be shipped to the varsity by the nodal officer for the block and it will undoubtedly reach each scholar.

Underneath Khushi Yojana may offer 18 sanitary napkins month-to-month for scholars of all authorities faculties under the Division of Colleges and Public Schooling. These napkins will be distributed to the Division of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Growth. This duty might be assigned to at least one female nodal teacher in each college. The tender process for sanitary napkins 2021-22 has been completed and is currently in progress. At the moment, there are 29,577 faculties within 314 blocks and 5 municipal companies in the state. There are approximately 16,81,690 college-aged students in grades 6-12.

Khushi Scheme Mobile App Download From Google Play Store

Odisha govt. On 5th January 2021, Khushi Scheme Mobile App was launched. The Khusi Scheme Mobile App can be downloaded from the google play store. This web application will ensure that supply chain management for the Khusi scheme is easy. This web application for Khushi Yojana allows sanitary napkins to be adequately stocked at block-level warehouses. The web application also allows nodal officers to distribute sanitary napkin pads to girls in a seamless manner.

The Khushi Scheme Mobile App will ensure transparency in the supply and distribution of sanitary napkin pad supplies. This application could ensure adequate stock levels at the block level.

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