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Odia Short Film of Manoj Mishra-Abhisapta

Abhisapta-Odia Short Film

Manoj Mishra's Odia Short Film

Abhisapta is an Odia short film directed and edited by Tusshar, screenplay and written by Sandeep R Kar, and produced by Kabita Patra. Starring  Manoj Mishra & Rakesh Mani. The film takes the audience on an emotional ride ending at an action-filled crescendo. Most thrilling content ever made in Odia. 

odia short film
Odia short film of Manoj Mishra-Abhisapta

Comments by Viewers for this Odia short Film:

-Perhaps somewhat inspired by western psycho horror like Blairwitch Project, but then creating totally localized context and storyline. Perhaps first of its kind in Odia movies. I am super excited, not so much about the movie itself, but about the new generation of movie-making talent like the team that made this one. The director is a genius.

-Kudos to the scriptwriter, director, camera team n choosing of locations is brilliant n of course Manoj Bhai acting..... tremendous..... Keep it up, team... Congratulations... Try to arrange the subtitles so non-Odia ppl can understand...

-Very innovative story...Abhisapta ଅଭିଶପ୍ତ 

The camera angles are thrilling...

Manoj Mishra as good as always 

Debut Rakeshmani...many more to go...


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