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Handicrafts of Odisha-Art By Heart

Art and Handicrafts of Odisha

Art By Heart-The Ethnic story

Odisha- the Unchanged culture or The land of art and culture still exist 
  • The tribal way of expression -Pattachitras
  • Stunning artwork from Shining silver- Silverware and Filigree work
  • Stone, Horn, and Wooden carving work
  • The Appliqué Work and Puri Rath Yatra
  • Handloom-Sambalpuri Silk Saree
  • Teracotta Work
  • Cane and Golden Grass work

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Odisha state, naturally covered with 34 % natural forest, and second longest coastal still keeps the unchanged culture and virginity with her. It is amazing. Let us have the glimpses of the Odisha art and handicrafts.  The Odissi Dance, the oldest dances of India, practiced during 2nd Century BCE. The Pattachitras, silver filigree work, Terracotta work, cane and golden grass work, applique and Horn work, sarees, wooden carving, handloom and silk sarees. The Odisha culture reflects in every art; keeps her expression mind-blowing in every work; and eye-catching natural colours and lingering work. The classical Bamboo workmanship and products of Odisha are one more Feather on her cap. 

cuttack silver jewelry and filigree
Silver Filigree work from Cuttack,Odisha

Stunning artwork from Shining silver- Silverware and Filigree work: 

One of the best artisan work and artistic expression of silverware with silver threads called Filigree work.  The Odisha is the birthplace of this art and still Odisha keeps herself. The artwork done with a very thin silver thread with delicate workmanship makes everyone freeze his or her eyes and mind. The Brooches and earrings are very famous silverware with filigree work. The eye-catching, marvelous artwork done on the Chariot of Arjuna with Lord Krishna is an exemplary example of this Filigree work. The Cuttack and surrounding places are famous for Silverware and Filigree work. Do not forget to visit and admire the Odisha culture.

The Applique Work and Puri Rath Yatra:

applique work of pipili chandua
Applique work of Pipili,Odisha

You can see the applique painting work during the Rath Yatra of Puri Jagannath, Subhadra, and Balbhadra a mega festival of Puri, Odisha. No one can miss that and fabulous design and colours are this appliqué work. A large piece of cloth designed as animals, flowers, or geometrical shapes with carefully stitched very popular in and around Bhubaneswar city(Also Read-BBSR-sMART cITY fOR sMART pEOPLE). The appliqué canopies and design motifs used in temple festivals, and the chariots. Nowadays, this used at marriages, parks, beach umbrellas, bed, and table spreads. The Pipli village near Puri city is famous for artistic appliqué decoration work. The appealing colour, design, and creativity are the main reason to standalone of Orissa.
The tribal way of expression -Pattachitras 

The Pattachitra painting is kind of painting of what they have heard, seen, and learned expressed in the form of painting. This varies from wall painting, Palm leaf etching, silk, and cotton saree painting. The painters traditionally called as Chitrakars lives around the city Puri and still they practice Pattachitras. The Puri Jagannath temple inner walls and sanctum sanatorium of Lord Jagannath and other shrines decorated with Pattachitras on the wall, clothes, and Patta. The natural colours only used for painting, which made from vegetable, mineral sources, and earth. A special treatment given after completion of painting to keep water resistant, glowing and for durability is the uniqueness of this art. These paintings keep its freshness for years. The artisans focus on mainly on mythology, religious and folk themes to keep our cultural heritage. The themes carried to our next generations. You can see the painting during the Rath Yatra of Puri Jagannath a mega festival of Puri, Odisha. 
Stone, Horn, and Wooden carving work:

It is not surprising to be a master in art, painting, and carving work from Odisha. It is their blood, genes, hereditary and born for that. They do carving work on Cattle horns, stone and wood. A pen stand, letter holder, replica of Konark wheels, sundial etc.  It is needs not say the artwork and minute details carved are an exemplary skill of Odisha. 

For more details you can visit: you can explore more details of Odisha and untold facts. 

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