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Wildlife in Odisha

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Odisha

wildlife in odisha
Wildlife in Odisha
We own our Sanctuaries – Wild Animals Association
The Untold stories of Odisha, 34 % of land with thick, dense forest area with  wild animals, birds, rare and dangerous species, mammals, white tiger, spotted deer etc., it is a heaven for wild animals and it is gifted land for animal lovers, Ethnologist , [animal behavioral science], forest studies and  bird watchers. The wildlife in Odisha invited more tourist and researchers. 

List of Wildlife Santuaries in Odisha

There are around 18 wildlife Sanctuaries in Odisha.
1. Badrama Wildlife Sanctuary
2. Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Balukhand Konak Wildlife Sanctuary
4. Bhitarkanika  Wildlife Sanctuary 
5. Chandaka Dampara  Wildlife Sanctuary
6. Chilika (Nalaban)  Wildlife Sanctuary
7. Debrigarh  Wildlife Sanctuary
8. Gahirmatha (Marine)  Wildlife Sanctuary
9. Hadgarh  Wildlife Sanctuary
10. Karlapat  Wildlife Sanctuary
11. Khalasuni  Wildlife Sanctuary
12. Kotagarh  Wildlife Sanctuary
13. Kuldiha  Wildlife Sanctuary
14. Lakhari Valley  Wildlife Sanctuary
15. Nandankanan  Wildlife Sanctuary
16. Satkosia Gorge  Wildlife Sanctuary
17. Simlipal  Wildlife Sanctuary
18. Sunabeda  Wildlife Sanctuary
Let us walk into few Wildlife Sanctuaries in Odisha: 

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary:

 This is located 165 Kilometers from Cuttack and 190 kilometers from Bhubaneswar in the best and First National sanctuaries of Odisha. The 650 Sq. Kms spread Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary preserves turtles, a number of endangered Birds, Migrated Birds, Hyna, different types of cats all kind of animals. This is Bhitarkanika Mangroves forest of Odisha, which produces nearly 54 types of Mango species out of 60 varieties. There are plenty of accommodations available in Bhitarkanika and Odisha owned guesthouses are available for comfortable stay. 

Nandankanan Zoological and Botanical Park is nicknamed as “The Garden of Heavens.” 
Nandankanan Park zoo
Nandankanan Zoological Park

This is located 15 kms away from Bhubaneswar, Capital of Odisha State. This is the first zoo in India with an associated with World Association of Zoo and Aquariums from 2009. The Nandankanan Zoological park and wildlife sanctuary cover nearly 1000 acre of natural forest with Teak, Rosewood, Pattack, Bamboo and rare species. The Nandankanan has a huge collection of animals. Nearly 630 mammals, 135 reptiles, 80 and above indigenous species are at the Zoological park and forest. There are 15 more endangered mammals, 10 endangered reptiles, and 5 endangered birds are the special attraction for the visitors. The unique White tiger is native to this Nandankanan forest. A special Sanctuary created for White Tiger and Odisha government taking special steps to save and increase the population of White tigers. The list goes on. The total area banned to use any kind of plastics and outside foods. This is to conserve the forest and its virginity. You can log in and more details and amenities available. As it is nearer to Bhubaneswar, you can get accommodations and travel comfort from any destinations.

  • Chilika Lake

The Longest Lagoon of India, Chilika Lake is second longest in the world covering nearly 1000 sq. Kms on Bay of Bengal. The Chilika wildlife sanctuary is in the mouth of The Daya River and the Bay of Bengal. It is the India’s largest place where the birds migrate during winter. The birds from Mongolia, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Ladakh visits during the season is one the best events. Some birds fly more than 10,000 Kms to reach Chilika Lake. The natural Lagoon with fresh Daya River water and the seawater supports several rare endangered and normal marine lives. The sunrise and sunset at Chilika Lake is very much memorable. You can reach Chilika Lake from Puri City is 104 Kms away. There are the train, Buses, and taxi connectivity available to reach Chilika Birds Sanctuary. Many travelers prefer to stay at Puri and at Chilika many accommodations available. The Odisha Tourism development Corporation runs few good hotels at Chilika Lake for a comfortable stay, Enjoy the nightlife at Lake

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