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Odisha - Orissa –Kalinga: Unknown Facts 

odisha-orissa-unknown facts
Orissa, the Ninth biggest state in India, and eleventh most populated state, which carries many historic events on her shoulder. It was the kingdom called Kalinga and invaded by the Emperor Asoka during 261 BCE. The Kalinga war, which lasted for eight years, had huge human losses and economy losses. The war completely changed Emperor Ashok to become a pacifist and embraced Buddhism. Until, 1947, Cuttack was the capital, then Bhubaneswar made as Capital of Odisha. The state covered with 34 % of natural forest, where the bamboo, teak, and rosewood are cultivated.

Sources and Resources of Odisha 

Odisha gifted with 480 Kms coastal line with natural ports. During the 5th century, Odisha created new sea route to Java, Borneo, Bali, and Sumatra islands. The Kalinga kingdom [Odisha] extended their business and culture in those islands is just extraordinary courage. Apart from Teak, Padakk, and rosewood, the main agriculture is rice, sugarcane, coconuts, wheat, pearl millet, and bamboo cropped from Odisha. Nevertheless, Odisha is rich in minerals like Bauxite, chromites, graphite, Manganese, High-quality iron, and Nickel ore. The Mahanadi River is the major river, which supports for agriculture and hydropower stations for electricity.  


Odisha Government focuses on rural health and creates more awareness. It keeps all the information updated on the website carries more information on doctors available district wise and the list of the hospital with contact numbers. It updates the plan and utilization of funds. 

Wonder Land Odisha: 

In the 13th Century, it believed the King Narashimadeva-I constructed one of the best architectural chariot types gigantic stone-carved Sun God temple. The wheels carved in a way; you can calculate the accurate timing to a minute with the help of shadow of sunlight and mood light. This is one of the wonders, of artisanship and still unable to understand how it made. The tourist who visits Indian should not miss the Konark Sun Temple and the real value of architecture. . The capital city Bhubaneswar is famous for handicrafts like woodcarving, Stone carving, Silver filigree, bamboo products, bell metal, brass metal casting work, printed and dye work on textiles, and Patta paintings. The Odessa government supports and encourages. For more details, you just click the website and book a ticket to Bhubaneswar. 

Culture and Dance of Odisha 

Live-Puri Rath Yatra
The Rath Yatra, Puri coastal city of Odessa is very famous pilgrimage city and lacks of devotees visit for the Rath Yatra. The three huge elaborately decorated cars carry three main deities Jagannath, Balabhara, and Goddess Subhadra takes procession in the Puri temple town. The Main deities made out of scared Neem logs and adorned seasonal attires and jewels. The thousand-year-old temple constructed during 1078 to 1148 BCE by the King Ananthavarma Chodaganga – Kalinga kingdom. Like Konark temple this temple and Rath Yatra not to miss during the festival seasons. The sand Art originated from Puri, now it spread worldwide in coastal belts. The fine sand and water mixer with crafted magical hand can create any sculpture.

This is just a curtain raiser about Odisha, Please book a ticket to Bhubaneswar and have lifetime memories. WILDLIFE IN ODISHA

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