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God-Odia Meaning

Odia meaning of God in English to Odia Dictionary

ଭଗବାନ (bhagaban)
ପ୍ରଭୂ (prabhu)
ନାରାୟଣ (narayana)
ଦେବତା (debata)
ପରମାତ୍ମା (paramatma)
ହରି (hari)
ନିୟନ୍ତା (niyanta)
ବିଧାତା (bidhata)

Definition and Meaning of God in English

-Supernatural being who is worshiped as the almighty of some part of this universe.
-Superior to other man having superior qualities 
-seems like deity or image or idol to other people

Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases with God

*Synonyms-deity, immortal, divinity, divine being, supreme being 
*Idioms and Phrases

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