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Flax seed-Odia meaning

Odia meaning of Flax Seed in English To Odia Dictionary

flax-seed-The seed of flax
ଅତସୀ (atasi)
ପେଶୁ (peshu)
ଲିନ୍  ସିଡ୍ (linseed)

flax-blue flowered plant cultivated for its seed and for the textile fibre obtained from its stem. flax fibre. Flaxseed yields linseed oil. It is used as linseed oil.
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Narmada Swain said…
Thanks for the Oriya name
Unknown said…
Odia re flax seed mane kn
Anonymous said…
But at my native place in Kendrapara it is called Phesi - ଫେସୀ/ପେସୀ
Unknown said…
what is the meaning of alsi in oriya