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Sunil Shetty campaigns for BJD in Odisha

Odisha News-Bollywood Action Star Sunil Shetty campaigned for BJD in Odisha 

sunil shetty in odisha

Election viral is all over the country and in Odisha, election impact is pretty much stronger like other states. Many parties are implementing various strategies to get attraction and to pool voters. Media, news channels, TV, radio, ads and even paying film stars for campaigns.

Film stars in BJD is no longer a surprise for Odia people. Recently few film celebrities like Anubhav Mohanty, Pappu Pom Pom have joined the ruling party BJD. Many other filmstars have also seen campaigning for this party.
But this time, its really a surprise package for all. BJD has taken a step ahead in its campaigning and called Bollywood Action Star Sunil Shetty for its campaign.
Sunil Shetty, on thursday 3rd March 2014, have campaigned for BJD Minister Rabi Narayan Nanda, who is a candidate from Jeypore Assembly.
The Megastar from Bollywood arrived Bhubaneswar and joined Nanda's roadshow in Jeypore along with MP candidate Jina Hikaka. He will be busy for more road shows in more places for the district. Many people were seen in the road shows to have a glimpse of this Mohra star.

This time there will be tough competition between BJD and Congress in Jeypore. Time will say, to whom people will vote !

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