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Odisha FC's Historic Victory in the 2023 Indian Super Cup

Odisha FC Triumphs: 2023 Indian Super Cup Champions

Odisha FC's Journey to Becoming 2023 Super Cup Champions
Champion -Odisha FC

-Relive Odisha FC's 2-1 Win Over Bengaluru FC in the Super Cup Final

-Celebrating Odisha FC's First Major Title: 2023 Indian Super Cup

Odisha FC 

-Diego Mauricio Shines as Odisha FC Wins 2023 Indian Super Cup

-How Odisha FC Claimed Their First Major Trophy in 2023

-Odisha FC's Path to Glory: Winning the 2023 Indian Super Cup

-Odisha FC's Journey to Becoming 2023 Super Cup Champions

-Historic Win: Odisha FC Secures 2023 Indian Super Cup Title

Odisha FC: 2023 Indian Super Cup Champions


Odisha Football's Glorious Victory

In an exhilarating final match, Odisha FC triumphed over Bengaluru FC to win the 2023 Indian Super Cup. The final, held at the EMS Stadium in Manjeri, Kerala, witnessed a fierce battle, but it was Odisha FC who emerged victorious with a 2-1 win. This historic victory marked Odisha FC's first major title since the club's inception in 2019.

Match Highlights: Odisha FC vs Bengaluru FC

The 2023 Indian Super Cup final was a thrilling encounter between Odisha FC and Bengaluru FC. Diego Mauricio, the star striker of Odisha FC, scored both goals for his team. His first goal came in the 23rd minute from a free kick, which slipped past Bengaluru's goalkeeper, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu. Mauricio doubled the lead in the 37th minute, capitalizing on a well-placed header from Jerry Mawihmingthanga, assisted by Victor Rodriguez.

Despite a late goal from Sunil Chhetri of Bengaluru FC, who converted a penalty in the 85th minute, Odisha FC held on to their lead. The final whistle marked a historic win for Odisha FC, bringing immense joy to their fans and the team.

Odisha FC's Journey to the Title

Odisha FC's road to the 2023 Indian Super Cup title was a testament to their determination and skill. Under the guidance of Indian Head Coach Clifford Miranda, the team showcased exceptional performances throughout the tournament. The Super Cup featured 16 top clubs from the Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League, making the competition intense and challenging.

Key Players and Performances

Diego Mauricio was undoubtedly the hero of the tournament for Odisha FC. His outstanding performance in the final earned him the Hero of the Tournament award. Mauricio's goals not only secured the victory for Odisha FC but also highlighted his prowess as a top striker in Indian football.

Another standout player for Odisha FC was goalkeeper Amrinder Singh, who was named the Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament. His crucial saves and commanding presence in goal were instrumental in Odisha FC's successful campaign.

Awards and Recognitions

The 2023 Indian Super Cup brought several accolades for Odisha FC and its players:

- Winners: Odisha FC (INR 10,00,000)

- Hero of the Tournament: Diego Mauricio (INR 2,50,000)

- Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Amrinder Singh

- Top Goalscorer of the Tournament: Wilmar Jordán Gil (7 goals)

These awards reflect the exceptional talent and hard work of the Odisha FC team.

 The Significance of the Victory

Winning the 2023 Indian Super Cup was a monumental achievement for Odisha FC. This victory not only brought their first major trophy but also secured their place in the qualifier for the 2023–24 AFC Cup group stage. Competing in the AFC Cup will provide Odisha FC with an opportunity to showcase their talent on a larger stage and further elevate their status in Indian football.

Odisha FC's Impact on Indian Football

Odisha FC's success in the 2023 Indian Super Cup is a testament to the growing strength and potential of football in Odisha. The club, based in Bhubaneswar, has made significant strides since its rebranding from Delhi Dynamos FC. The support from the local fans, the strategic vision of the club's management, and the dedication of the players have all contributed to this remarkable achievement.

 Looking Ahead: Odisha FC's Future

With their Super Cup victory, Odisha FC has set a new benchmark for success. The club aims to build on this triumph and continue their pursuit of excellence in Indian football. The upcoming AFC Cup qualifier against Gokulam Kerala FC will be another exciting challenge for Odisha FC, and their fans eagerly await more glorious moments.


Odisha FC's victory in the 2023 Indian Super Cup is a historic milestone for the club and Indian football. Their journey to the title, the standout performances of key players, and the strategic guidance of their coach Clifford Miranda have all contributed to this remarkable achievement. As Odisha FC prepares for future challenges, their fans and supporters can take pride in their success and look forward to more triumphant moments in the years to come.

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