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Tike Tike Achinha Tu: Swaraj Barik Sparkles in this Awaited Odia Romantic Film

Tike Tike Achinha Tu: Swaraj Barik Leads the Love Story of the Season in Odia Cinema


Swaraj Barik in Tike Tike Achinha Tu
Odia Film Tike Tike Achinha Tu -Swaraj and Bhoomika

The Odia film 'Tike Tike Achinha Tu' features Swaraj Barik and Bhoomika in the lead roles. This upcoming movie showcases their dynamic chemistry, promising to be a highlight for fans of Odia cinema. Set to captivate audiences, this film highlights the talents of two of Odisha's beloved actors.

Tike Tike Achinha Tu(Odia Film): A Harmonious Fusion of Talent in Odia Cinema

The upcoming Odia film "Tike Tike Achinha Tu" is a joint venture presented by Amara Studios and DK Movies, showcasing the creative forces of the regional cinema industry. The film is directed by Tapas Sargharia, known for his unique storytelling style. The musical score, composed by Prem Anand, promises to enhance the emotional depth of the film with its melodious tracks. Producers Naveen Bhandari and Deepak Mishra have collaborated to bring this project to life, ensuring a blend of quality entertainment and local flavor. 

The storyline, screenplay, and dialogues have been crafted by Bharadwaj Panda, whose expertise in weaving engaging narratives is well recognized in the Odia film industry. Post-production work for the film is being handled by Srujan Film, a studio known for its high-quality output and technical excellence. The visual appeal of the film is set to be elevated by the creative designs of Blank Canvas RGF, led by Subrat K. Khatri and Rajesh Dash, with cinematography by Girish Mohanty. 

Overall, "Tike Tike Achinha Tu" is gearing up to be a significant addition to the Odia film landscape, promising a blend of romance, drama, and captivating music that aims to resonate well with audiences.

Release Date of Tike Tike Achinha Tu 

The upcoming Odia film 'Tike Tike Achinha Tu' is scheduled for release during the Raja Festival in 2024. This much-anticipated movie promises to be a captivating experience for viewers.

Amara Muzik Odia recently shared on social media: "Seven years ago today, the romantic journey 'Tu Mo Love Story' began, leaving a lasting mark. Featuring the beloved debutants, Swaraj and Bhoomika, who captured our hearts back then, they're returning this Raja festival with another enchanting soundtrack by Prem Anand! Get ready for #TikeTikeAchinhaTu, releasing Raja 2024!"

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