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Nabin Odisha Magic Card:Eligibility, Application Process, and Benefits

What is the Nabin Odisha Magic Card 2024? Understanding Eligibility, Application Process, and Benefits

Nabin Odisha magic card

Launched by the Odisha government on Monday, the Nabin Odisha Magic Card is a new initiative aimed at empowering the youth and providing them with opportunities to achieve their dreams. Here's everything you need to know about this innovative program.

Introduction to the Nabin Odisha Magic Card

As part of the 'Ama Odisha, Nabin Odisha' scheme, the state government of Odisha unveiled the Nabin Odisha Magic Card. This points-based smart card is designed to engage and empower the youth, offering them a platform to excel and realize their aspirations.

Nabin Magic Card:Eligibility and Application Process

The online registration portal for the Nabin Odisha Magic Card will be launched on March 5, 2024. Eligible candidates can apply for the card through this portal. The distribution of the cards is scheduled to commence on August 15.

Benefits and Features of the Nabin Magic Card

The Nabin Odisha Magic Card serves as a "Passport to Prosperity" for the youth. Based on points earned through various activities and parameters, the cards will be upgraded to Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. Students' performance in terms of attendance, discipline, academic achievements, extracurricular participation, sports, online courses, and personality development activities will determine their card level.

Utilization of Points

Every aspect of student involvement will be recognized and valued through this points system. Academic achievements, creativity, sports accomplishments, and community work will all contribute to earning points. The card provides access to a wide range of facilities and opportunities, including:

- Concessions on bus, train, and flight tickets

- Phone and data recharge, as well as Wi-Fi access

- Access to e-libraries and online academic courses

- Participation in personality development workshops

- Career counseling and skill development courses

- Language courses in Odia and English

- Volunteering and "Earn While You Learn" opportunities

- Access to stadiums during tournaments and cultural events

- Participation in seminars, journals, and tourist attractions

Job Opportunities and Start-Up Integration

The Nabin Odisha Magic Card also facilitates job and placement opportunities for students. By sharing data with potential recruiting companies and creating a LinkedIn-type platform, students can interact with industry experts and explore employment options. Additionally, the card integrates with the Start-Up ecosystem, encouraging entrepreneurial aspirations among students and providing access to priority loans under government schemes like Swayam.


The Nabin Odisha Magic Card is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering the youth of Odisha. By recognizing and rewarding their efforts and achievements, this program equips students with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, paving the way for a brighter future.

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