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Maa Tarini-Tale of Sacred Journey From Kanchi to Ghatagaon

The Sacred Journey of Goddess Tarini: From Kanchi to Ghatagaon

Maa tarini Ghatgaon
Maa Tarini of Ghatgaon, Keonjhar 

Story of Maa Tarini:Sakti Worship and the Tale of Goddess Tarini's Sacred Journey

In Orissa, the tradition of Sakti worship runs deep. Princess Padmavati of Kanchi, known for her beauty, was destined to be wed to Purusottam Dev. However, this proposal was swiftly dismissed by the King of Kanchi, leading to a tumultuous turn of events.

In the southern regions of the country, seats of powerful goddesses like Ambika, Sarala, Narayani, and others held sway. Among them, Ghatagaon emerged as the abode of Goddess Tarini in the fifteenth century. It is said that the goddess originally presided over Kanchi.

Gobinda Bhanja's Divine Mission: Relocating Goddess Tarini to Orissa"

Devotee Gobinda Bhanja, through unwavering devotion, secured the goddess's favor during a battle. After their victory, he advocated for bringing the idols of Lord Madanmohan, Lord Raghunath, and Goddess Tarini to Orissa. Yet, the colossal idol of the goddess posed a logistical challenge.

Through steadfast prayers, Gobinda Bhanja received a divine directive: the goddess would follow him, but he must not look back. This led to the installation of Goddess Tarini in Puri. Later, when King Trilochan Bhanja of Keonjhar passed away, Gobinda Bhanja was instated as the new ruler. He sought to bring Goddess Tarini to Keonjhar, a request initially met with reluctance from Purusottam Dev. However, the goddess herself appeared in a dream, expressing her wish to go. With her guidance, the journey began, but a single glance back disrupted the procession.

Goddess Tarini's Divine Residence: The Origin and Traditions of Ghatagaon

As a result, the goddess chose to stay in Ghatagaon. Originally worshipped in Kanchi by priests of the Kondh tribe, a few families were brought to Puri for rituals. This practice continued when the goddess moved to Ghatagaon. Although various castes resided there, Brahmin priests were absent. The goddess provided a solution: a pot of sanctified ghee hung from a tree branch, offering purification to those who partook. This act bestowed the name "Ghatagaon," meaning "village of the pot.

Rituals and Festivals: Honoring Goddess Tarini in Ghatagaon

Daily rituals, from bathing the deity to adorning with vermilion, are performed by the Dehury. Offerings of coconuts, bananas, flowers, and more are made, and devotees from afar send coconuts through Ghatagaon-bound buses. The village observes significant festivals like Makar Sankranti, Bisuva Sankranti, and Raja Sankranti. Additionally, Durga Puja, Dushahara, Laxmi Puja, and Kali Puja are celebrated, with the belief that Goddess Tarini provides solace and salvation in times of need.

1. A Legacy of Sakti Worship in Orissa

2. Princess Padmavati's Fateful Union with Purusottam Dev

3.Goddess Tarini's Revered Abodes: Kanchi, Puri, and Ghatagaon

4. Gobinda Bhanja's Divine Devotion: A Battle, a Dream, and a Journey

5. The Enchanting Legend of Goddess Tarini's Stay in Ghatagaon

6.Rituals and Traditions: Sustaining Devotion in Ghatagaon

7.Festivals and Celebrations: Commemorating Goddess Tarini's Grace

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