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Odia Meaning Of Daman

 Daman(ଦମନ)-Odia Meaning

The word "दमन" in English is commonly translated as "restraint" or "control". It can refer to physical restraint or control, as well as emotional or psychological restraint or control.

Odia Meaning of Daman in Dictionary



Daman-Odia meaning
Odia meaning of Daman

Here are two examples of how the word "दमन" can be used in English:

The police used दमन to subdue the suspect and prevent them from causing harm.

The athlete showed impressive दमन over their emotions, even when facing difficult challenges.

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Restraint Meaning:

The word "restraint" refers to the act of holding back or controlling something. It can refer to physical restraint, such as using ropes or handcuffs to prevent someone from moving, or it can refer to emotional or psychological restraint, such as controlling one's own impulses or emotions.

In general, the term "restraint" is used to describe the act of limiting or preventing something from happening, either through physical means or through self-control. It is often used in contexts such as law enforcement, psychology, and personal development.

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