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Odia Bhuta Film-Watch Now-Why there are few horror films made by the Odisha film industry?

Odia Bhuta films Or Horror Movies in Odia Language

Odia bhuta film
Horror Film in Odia-Kandhei Akhire Luha

Why there are few horror films made by the Odisha film industry?

There are several possible reasons why there are relatively few horror films made by the Odisha film industry:

Limited audience: Horror films may not be as popular among audiences in Odisha compared to other film genres. As a result, there may be less demand for horror films from producers and filmmakers.

Cultural beliefs: Odisha has a rich cultural heritage, and many traditional beliefs and superstitions are still prevalent in the state. Some of these beliefs may discourage people from making horror films, as they are seen as taboo or controversial.

Budget constraints: The Odisha film industry is relatively small and may not have the resources to produce high-quality horror films that can compete with those from other film industries. As a result, filmmakers may be hesitant to invest in the genre.

Lack of trained personnel: Making a horror film requires skilled personnel in various fields, such as special effects, sound design, and cinematography. The Odisha film industry may not have enough trained personnel in these areas to produce high-quality horror films.

Overall, the lack of horror films in the Odisha film industry may be due to a combination of these factors. However, it is worth noting that there have been a few successful horror films made in Odisha, indicating that there is potential for the genre to grow in the state.

Kandhei Akhire Luha-Full Odia Movie

Story plot:

Debendra, a well-known industrialist, lost everything in a fraud case and now lives with his daughter Binni. However, tragedy strikes when Binni, who recently got married, is murdered by her in-laws. Seeking vengeance for her daughter, Binni's spirit enters the body of a doll, determined to take revenge on those responsible for her untimely demise.


Siddhanta Mahapatra (Abinash)Rachana Banerjee (Binni)Debu Bose (Devendra Choudhury)Raimohan Parida (Shakuni)Premanjana (Abinash's father)Jairam Samal (Dandapani)Runu Parija (Abinash's mother)Namrta Das (Shanti)Ashok (Nityananda Rautrai)Suresh Bal (Goli)

Watch Now here-Kandhei Akhire Luha

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