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Odia Film Rangila Bahu

Odia Film Rangila Bahu Part 2

Rangila Bahu Part 2-Full Movie

Part 2 of this movie has been released as Rangeela Bohu 2. The film stars your favourite actors Debashis Patra and Lipsa Misra.

Lipsa Misra, the same actress, is back in Rangila bahu 2.

odia film rangila bahu
Debasish Patra and Lipsa Mishra in Rangila Bohu 2

Crew Members of Odia Film Rangila Bohu Part2

Movie:Rangeela Bohu 2

Starcast: Debasis Patra, Lipsa Mishra, Jogesh Jojo, UshasMishra, Jayprakash Mohanty

Director: Ashwini Gadnayak

Producer: Surya Ratha

Music Director: Goodly Ratha

Banner: Zee Sarthak

Release Date:12 September 2021

After the success of Rangeela Bohu 1, Zee Sarthak Films has produced Rangila Bohu 2 as a sequel. It is directed by Ashwini Gadnayak. Surya Rath sponsored the film and Dop. Swarna Prasad is the Manager, and Goodly Rath, the romantic music director, directs the music.

Other than Debashis and Lipsa they were seen in roles other than those of Jayaprakash Mohanty and Jogesh Jojo.

The audience was delighted with the performances of Debashis, Lipsa and Rangila Bahu in the first and second parts of Rangila Bohu.

Actor Debashis stated that the second half provided even more entertainment for the audience. The film's story is very clever, with Lipsa Mishra playing the role of a bride.She is not only Bohu but also Rangila Bohu or modern Bohu. Her husband is Debashis Patra.

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