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Quinoa in Odia

Quinoa Meaning in Odia

What is Quinoa?

quinoa meaning in Odia
Quinoa meaning in Odia
Quinoa is an exotic grain that is cultivated in South America, but it is also popular in India because of the gluten-free protein and high fibre content, making it a great meal. Quinoa is grain-like rice and wheat, it is also called a superfood. Because it is rich in vitamin B, C, iron, protein, protease, fibre and amino acids.

Odia Meaning of Quinoa

Quinoa has no Hindi or Odia word because it is not an Indian grain. Quinoa is also known as quinoa in Hindi and Odia. Quinoa is scientifically known as Chenopodium quinoa, and it is a flowering plant of the Amaranthaceae family. However, the closest Indian analogue, amaranth or Rajgira, is thought to have nearly identical nutritional characteristics, according to experts.

It is really healthy, much like Chia Seeds. Some are now accessible in certain large city shops, while others may be purchased on internet e-commerce platforms.

Quinoa meaning in Odia Dictionary

Quinoa is known as kinwa କିନୁଆ କିନୱା in Odia. As people are becoming health conscious these days, it is in discussion due to its medicinal properties. 

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