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Gehraiyaan-Deepika Padukone Movie Reviews

Gehraiyaan movie review

Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday and Siddhant Chaturvedi's relationship drama Gehraiyaan are now available on Amazon Prime.

This film about young, adventurous love is lacking humour and zing. It falls apart when it tries to lighten up.
Gehraiyaan movie review
Gehraiyaan: Deepika and Siddhant in a still from the film. (courtesy YouTube)

Review of Viewer 1:

Gehraiyaan was the best movie I have seen last night. It was deep, real, and shocking. I don't understand why people are giving negative reviews of movies that aren't for the masses. The movie was hard-hitting and had deep dialogues which I hadn't seen in Kapoor and sons. But this movie was so much more. This movie is great and powerful with a good message for lovers and parents. I recommend it highly. Watch it with your parents.

Overall Rating - 3.75/5

Review of Viewer 2:

Do not expect a dramatic service to universally accepted stereotypes and masala. This movie is not for you. This movie is not full of tongue-in-cheek jokes or punchlines.

This movie is about a few things. Startup funding and investor financing. One-income couples and power in relationships Generational wealth. Mental health and addictions. How difficult it is to keep family secrets secret, especially as children grow up.

Although I don't usually write reviews, I felt the need to for this film. Shakun Batra deserves praise for his honesty throughout the movie. This is not a guide to living. He isn't telling you what to do or not do. He's only showing you how people react to changes in certain variables. Better yet, how external and internal pressures affect them.

Deepika is a natural at portraying the role of a silent protagonist and someone who feels the pain of being ripped off by fate. That was evident from the trailer. It was very convincing that she played the role of Alisha. You could almost sympathize with her character's descent into near-maniacs for the right reasons. Kudos for picking such a morally grey character and portraying it with conviction, while still evoking the uncertainty that this character always held in her aura.

Siddharth amazes me every time he appears onscreen. He is so charming and embodies bold characters. I love seeing him stumble (in an endearing manner) during recent promotions interviews. He was convincing as Zain. American returnee, a go-getter, hustler, and a businessman with deep knowledge of finance and business. He wants to make his mark in India. Until it isn’t, everything seems to be in his favour. We can see that he is able to portray a man in turmoil while still maintaining his facade of "I have it all under control". Deepika's growing chemistry was beautifully captured.

Ananya Pandey is finally in a role that's not just candy and floss. To be honest, it was refreshing to see her in such a relatable role. She was not an Indian woman of high class, but a woman madly in love. She was also adamant about her husband's intentions and his actions, and her subsequent actions influenced the plot's events without her knowing.

Karan, Dhairya's character in a movie with many characters that are different shades and greys, was also a part of the film. Did he love or was he dismissive? Or was he selfish at times? He was able to convey all of this human complexity very well. He was able to portray a character that should have maximum sympathy. However, his real-life story and portrayal only showed him as an additional spike in the wheel.

A special shout out to Rajat and Naseeruddin for their outstanding performances! As needed, bringing the non-judgmental and judgmental perspectives to the story.

CON: Multiple wave shots could have been avoided. We get it, depth. It's all there, I swear.

This movie is highly rewatchable. I look forward to more of this kind of cinema as we evolve as an audience.

Overall rating - 5/5

Review of Viewer 3:

Gehraiyaan - I think this movie shows the complexity of our lives better than any other. Although your life may have more problems than the movie shows, I have never seen such an amazing feat of insecurity, anger anxiety fear, fear, fear, or inferiority in Bollywood. It's not just about cheating or lust, but also how humans are complex and emotional. The movie won't tell you how to solve your problems, but it will show you what it feels like to live one bad life. The movie isn't for people who want everything to go their way. I was surprised by the dark and extraordinary writing.

Overall rating - 5/5

Review of Viewer 4:

Kapoor and Sons was a memorable film by Shakun Batra that was both emotional and fun. Gehraiyaan is his attempt to reach the dark side, where each character fights past demons. The trailer was a little too vague and the first part of the trailer seemed a bit contrived. Deepika and Shidhant seem to have it all arranged in a way that makes it easy for them to cheat on each other. The second half is where things get more complicated and Shakun shows his strength. Deepika is a great yoga teacher struggling with angst. She eats all the other characters in the film, even Shidhant, who is still in Gully Boy mode. He clearly lacks intensity and has no control over his performance. Ananya Pandey attempts to be restrained, but it's a shallow character that gets tossed about for most of the film. I'm not even going to mention the other guy who seems as confused as his character. Rajat Kapoor is as usual brilliant in supporting roles, but Naseeruddin Shah has gone wasted, which I think is a shame. Although there are some very powerful moments in the film, I find it difficult to believe that the film is conclusive. It also contains many incontinences and is sad. Although the music is good, the stylist does a great job. This is a multi-screen film that would not have been able to be viewed on one screen. Although it's not recommended, there are moments of Shakun Batra brilliance.

PS: Exploitation-ridden profanity in every dialogue does not make a film progressive, just saying.

Ratings - 2/5

Review of Viewer 5:

I would say that it was my first show of the day... absolutely in awe of Deepika and Siddhant's performances.

Deepika is always the best. But this time, I found outstanding grey character play by all actors.

The film story is captivating.. the first half is filled with intimate scenes. I would rather use F* word.

The second half is shocking. Yes, Shakun did complete justice to the storyline.

Although Shakun Batra may try to convey emotion, we as the audience cannot really connect emotionally.

Overall, Shakun Ka Shakuni direction is...

Deepika ka bold look

Siddhant is a rich and messy play look

Ananya ka little foolish look and Dhairya with no lakshya look.

One-time watch

Cinematography that is good

Beautiful music

Ratings - 4/5

Review of Viewer 6:

It is my love, I completed it at 7 in the morning. I love it so much that I can't stop thinking about it. It is up to you to make the right choices. If you are unable to make a decision or face problems, this is a must-see. It's amazing. Deepika was my childhood crush, but I have grown to love her more. Ananya and Dhariya are also great. They are all my favourite because of their individuality.

Ratings - 5/5

Doobey - Official Video Song of film Gehraiyaan | Starring Deepika Padukone, Siddhant, Ananya, Dhairya 

Review of Viewer 7:

Gehraiyaan is a real, messy drama film that deals with infidelity, grief, and pain in a mature manner. The film does not justify infidelity but shows the writer's point of view. Shakun Batra, the director, is an expert at displaying complex human relationships that are full of emotions. It looked like a lot of Woody Allen's movies inspired it. It was a good film and didn't disappoint. It's worth most of its length and doesn't feel rushed. Its stunning cinematography and amazing colour palettes make it visually spectacular. The music fits the storyline well and is excellent. Deepika Padukone's performance is outstanding, and it is probably her best work. Siddhant Chaturvedi shines in many of his scenes, but he doesn't excel in romantic scenes. Ananya Pandey wasn't given much to do. Dhairya Karawa is decent. Rajat Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shaikh are both amazing in their short screen time. It's a wonderful film from the Hindi film industry, but it's especially for mature audiences. It's not everyone's cup.

Rating 4/4

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