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Salmon Fish in Odia

Salmon Fish Name in Odia

Salmon fish name in Odia language: Sahala(ସାହାଳ)

Salmon fish in odia
Salmon Fish(Image source: Wikipedia)

Salmon is not a native of India's warm waters. It is a cold-water fish that can be found in the Mediterranean, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. It is a migratory fish that migrates to freshwater upper reaches to breed. Salmo salar is the zoological name for the classic salmon. However, a few other fishes are also known as Salmon Ex. Trout, which is a purely cold freshwater fish. Trout from England were transplanted to India by Britishers. It is now only grown in Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and the southern Nilgiri hills. These are all areas with cold water. There is no Hindi name for the salmon fish because it is not a native of India.

The  Indian Salmon, Eleutheronema tetradactylum, are abundant among carnivorous fishes, whereas those of Lates calcarifer, Megalops cyprinoides, and Flops Saurus are scarce in a disproportionately small number. All of the aforementioned types are predatory in nature. Because of their eating habits, they should not be kept with carps as well as mullets

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