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Odia Meaning of What's up

What's up?-Odia Meaning

Odia Translation-What's up

Everything is a bit different in big cities. People's living style, clothing, use of technology and even the variety of foods are mostly different in big cities. When things are different in big cities, it is obvious that our language is also a little different in big cities.

Often we hear when someone is met-Hi! How are you? And in response to this we should say-I am fine, thank you. But nowadays most people often ask-Hi! What's up? And in response to this, many people say that I am fine, thank you. But this is the wrong reply.' What's up' doesn't mean 'how are you?' That is why its reply is not 'I am fine, thank you'.

'What's up' means-what is going on?', 'What are you doing?', 'What is happening?',.

କ'ଣ ଚାଲିଛି?
କ'ଣ ଖବର?
odia translation-what's up

When we meet someone informally then we can speak on 'What's up' instead of 'How are you'.

Now come in response-
If anyone is asking what's up
So, in English we will answer;'Nothing much'
Helo What's up?
 "Nothing much!

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You can finish your answer in this only. Or you can ask other people also, what is going on? 
So your answer will be - Nothing much! You tell me? 
କିଛି ଖାସ ନୁହେଁ! ତୁମେ କୁହ?
But if you want to add any information that really if you are doing some work and you want to tell, then you can tell. So if anyone asks what's up? how are you? You can say-Nothing much, just reading the newspaper. You tell me? Vegetables Name-Odia to English Dictionary

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