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Odisha's-By-Election-Naveen Patnaik endorses BJP's candidate

The by-elections will be held on July 5 in three seats in Rajya Sabha in Odisha.

These seats have been vacant after winning the election of the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly of Pratap Kesari Dev, Soumiranjan Patnaik and Achyut Samant.BJD is winning directly on three seats. But BJP President and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik declared BJP's candidate Ashwani Vaishnav to support the people in the political corridors of the state. After the formation of the NDA government under the leadership of the BJP in the centre,Sj. Naveen Patnaik has started working on the form of giving and take. During the elections, both Narendra Modi and Naveen Patnaik have put up a lot of public comments against each other. Even if Ashwani Vaishnav gets the benefit of BJP's support for the Rajya Sabha, but Naveen Patnaik can get a lot from the Center in lieu of this. After this, BJD MP Bhartarharri Mahtab from Cuttack is being asked to make a signal to make Lok Sabha deputy speaker. At the same time, seeking maximum help from the Center on the economic front is also included in the new agenda.
Naveen Patnaik had declared three candidates last night, his names are Amar Patnaik, Sasmit Patra and Ashwani Vaishnav
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