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Odisha News-Legislation prepared for the of 13 rivers including Mahanadi

Legislation prepared for the valley management of 13 rivers including Mahanadi, Brahmani, Baitarani, Suggestions made by Odisha

News in Detail:
Mahanadi River Basin

The Irrigation Department of Odisha has prepared a report on the management of the valley of Mahanadi and Tributaries

 Suggestions from the states have been sought in the process of improving the proposed bills of basin i.e. valley management of major rivers of states.

In this episode, the Irrigation Department of Odisha has prepared a report on the management of the valley of Mahanadi and Tributaries, which will be sent to the centre through the state government. In this report, experts have given important suggestions on river management of river basins. Sources reveal that the bill can be brought in the budget session. Irrigation Department's chief engineer, Hirakud dam in-charge engineer Jyotirmoye Rath says that after a lot of hard work the report prepared will be given to the government.

It is known that separate river valley organizations were recommended for the 2018 Interstate River valley. Based on this, the National Commission for Integrated Water Resource Development 1999 was recommended.

Suggestions are being sent from the states to implement the same. It has been named River Basin Management Act ie river valley management act 2018. It will cover 13 interstate rivers including Mahanadi. The Government believes that after the implementation of this Act, optimal Integrated Development and Management of Inter-State River Water of Inter-State Rivers will be possible.

The Government believes that due to the implementation of the proposed River Valley Management Act 2018, the environment of the dispute will change between states. The dispute will end with the establishment of cooperation. The government has sought suggestions on this act.

The Act proposed by the Government of India is related to 13 interstate rivers of India. Schedule of the proposed Act - List of rivers in one. According to the list, 13 inter-state rivers for which river valley organization is proposed to be made. These rivers are the Brahmaputra, Barak and other interstate rivers of the north-east, Brahmani-Baitarani river valley, Kaveri, Ganges, Godavari, Indus river, Krishna river, Mahanadi valley, Mahi river, Narmada river, Pennar river, Suvarnarekha and Tapti river.

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