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NABAKALEBARA of Lord Jagannath of Puri

Nabakalebara of Lord Jagannath,Puri,Odisha

Sri Jagannath Lord of the universe is the supreme solace and saviour of countless devotees all around the world. The majestic temple of Lord Sri Jagannath at Puri, Odisha was built by emperor Anangabhimadeve belonging to Ganga dynasty during the 11th century.  As advised by royal priests the height of the temple restricted to 90 cubits, which is now measuring 214 Feet and 8 inches.

Nabakalebara of Lord Jagannath

Nabakalebar Festival 2016 Puri Odisha

If you have not visited once in life-time to Sri Lord Jagannath temple at Puri, you are missing something in the world. It may be historical or religious or deviational place or archeologically important place to visit.  Nabakalebar is the festival of the transformation of old idols of Sri Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Sudhrshan and Subhadra are into new idols. This happens once in 12 to 19 years and it is happening in this year. This is one of the major events of Lord Sri Jagannath temple Puri, Odisha usually held in that year when the Ashadha month followed by another Ashadha month. This year new idols with new chariots with traditional Odisha style decoration are a marvellous event to witness on 06th July 2016.  
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Lord Jagannath is not the only deity in the temple, Lord Balabhadra brother of Lord Jagannath, and Subhadra sister of Lord Jagannath are deities in the Puri temple. Lord Sudhrshan who is supposed to be the fourth important divine worshiped at this temple. The four divine gods also called as Caturdha Murtha or four-fold divine.

The new idols are made through special Margo trees which fulfill the religious extra- ordinary Divine requirements. The search of the tree is got some systems to follow and one person from Pati Mahapatra family, 20 Dayitapatis, 16 Brahmans, 9 maharanas, 1 lenka family people forms a team along with police officials. It is believed that Goddess Mangala or Bimala can guide them to get the holy tree to make idols from Kakatpur. The Dayitapati family member will get the location in his dream and surprisingly they will get the correct holy Margo tree in these locations for four deities. Before cutting the tree, poojas and holy chanting conducted; Pati Mahapatra will cut with a golden axe, followed the Dayitapatis with a silver axe and Maharana family with an iron axe and brought to Puri temple secretively. For 21 days, carpenters work in a protected place and no one is allowed to see. The images of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra, and Sudhrshan are carved simultaneously by other teams. Even the head priest of the temple is not allowed to visit the marking place. All the carpenters are not allowed to go out of the making place and Maha Prasad will be given to them as food. The transformation event is religiously more important. The new deities will be taken procession during the Ratha Yatra.

The Odisha government is making elaborate arrangements to welcome lacs of people from different part of the world.  Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport and trains are well connected with Puri. It is a one of the biggest events in India many foreign visitors take part to get blessed by Lord Jagannath.
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