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Travel Tips For Holidays(Vacation)

Travel With Pleasure not with Pressure

Tips for Summer Trips

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Travel with pleasure-not with pressure

Summer is the most of the people travels around the world. A hectic year-long work keeps people to travel. It may be for pleasure, tourism, or exploration. Let us see dos and do not’s during our travel. A holiday travel should be a pleasure trip, not pressure trip.

summer travel tips
Travel Tips
Family Traveler: If it is a planned trip, first of all, ensure that your refrigerator is kept vacant, and electrical connections disconnected before your travel. All major electrical appliances connections to be disconnected from main plug points – TV, Player, Micro oven, washing machine, refrigerator, and laptop or computer system. 

Cloth: Carry cotton clothes, and semi cotton dresses which make more comfortable. Avoid silk, heavily embroidery dresses, Chudidar etc., which will sweat more which may lead to bad odour and cold. More inner wears you need to carry, and wash with proper detergents during your travel. Many infections spread through water and improper washing of inner clothes. 

Healthcare: If you are travelling with an infant child and kids, always carry essential medicines for fever, cold, loose motion, stomach upset and antiseptic lotions. Even for elders the basic medicines may require. If you are travelling with elders, do not forget to keep all sufficient stocks and medical history or prescriptions. You should not land up in complications with elders during travel, and keep them fed on time. If you or family members allergic with cosmetics do not hesitate to carry your bath soap, washing soap, tooth-paste and hair wash.

Food: It is always better to go with nature, eat the food what is cultivated in that place. For example, take fresh sea-food at coastal areas. It is good to take seasonal and native foods during your stay in tourism places. (Native food- the food where you stay) During the travel carry some health snacks, biscuits, and water. Avoid spicy foods and unhygienic foods, which may cause stomach upset.

Cash and Card: It is advised to share your cash with your spouse and other. This will help in case of emergencies. The same way do not keep all credit and debit cards in one pouch. Carry your mobile charger with you and for your family.
Tips and Ideas for Holidays and vacation trip
Travel Guide
Travel Guide: Ensure your travel tickets, hotel booking, and credit or debit cards are live if you are visiting your relative places, inform in advance so that they will be available. Collect all important details about your visiting place, check for an alternative place or route plan. If you are travelling by your car or driver, keep your car serviced, documents in place, and sufficient rest to the driver, spare Tyre, and the service network locations. Understand the historical importance of the place you are visiting, and explain to kids. If you are new to that place, take a reliable guide to learn about the place. Do not leave your kids, ladies alone in tourism places. Do not carry many valuables with you, spouse and kids.  The last and important point – do not use your mobile phone during the entire holidays, unless it is very essential or emergency. Spend lot of time with them and make fun.

Do not forget to thank and leave your comments with the hotel you stayed, which will motivate them to serve you better with quality. Always you travel with pleasure not with pressure. Have a happy summer holidays. 

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