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Rourkela starts strict No Helmet No Petrol Policy, earns Rs 17,000 on first day itself

no helmet no petrol in rourkela
No Helmet-No Petrol In Rourkela

One of the best initiatives were taken by Mr. Anirudh Singh SP Rourkela and Local of Authorities of steel city Rourkela in Odisha

The district administration, Police, Fuel pump owners took Corporate Social Responsibility to stop refueling petrol for the non-helmet two-wheeler users. At an average of 377 two-wheeler’s meet with the accident and 97 % of the two-wheeler riders dies for not wearing Helmet. India is leading country in the world of road accidents. Every year, more than 1 lac persons die and more 3 lac people get permanent disabilities. The Rourkela, the steel city in Orissa took good initiative on safety and awareness of wearing helmet. Initially, there will be lot commotion and quarrel; however, Police authorities and district administration supported the cause. Even though, flex banners, handbills and hoardings around the city, more two-wheeler user started fighting with Petrol pump owners and staffs.  Mr. Anirudh Singh SP of the Rourkela city told this “No Helmet No Petrol” campaign monitored through CCTV cameras installed in all the Petrol Bunks and erring Bunk owners also punished. The city collected nearly Rs. 23000 as fine from two wheel users. 
The only possibilities are few intelligent people will rent a helmet at the entrance of a Petrol bunk and collect at the other end with rent.  We hope this should not happen.

Wear helmet – Save your life. There is no spare for your Skull. 

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