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Konark- Known Temple with Hidden Facts

Konark Sun Temple

Konark Surya Mandir-Known Temple with Hidden Facts

Architectural evaluation – in Odisha way 
konark sun temple surya mandir
Konark Sun Temple
The Konak Sun Temple is the one of the marvelous architectural evidence of Orissa. The temple reconstructed on the seashore at Konak, during 1238 CE, by the ruler King Narashimadeva I, which is one of the best examples of Kalinga’s architecture. The design of Sun God temple is unique and wonderful. 24 wheels mounted the chariot, drawn by seven mighty horses, facing eastern side. Even now it is a mystery, how the Konark temple constructed with so much of accuracy and artistic work. Around 12000 workers with a period of 12 years, the temple completed with many hidden secrets. 

The temple represents science – Days, Hours, and Sundial 
The Konark Sun Temple constructed like a chariot in which Sun God travels. The 24 wheels are 24 hours in a day, 7 horses are 7 days of a week represents. The Main entrance and main deity positioned in such a way, morning sun rays directly reflects on the Sun God. On the three sides, life-size Sun God deities made out of Green chloride stone kept where sun ray reflects morning, noon and evening. A big diamond kept at the center of the idol, which reflects the morning sun-rays. Later on during the colonial period, the diamond removed. The calculation and positioning are so accurate, architects unable to understand even now. 
sun temple konark
Panoramic View of Konark Sun Temple

Magical magnetic Miracle 

The temple was constructed with smoothly polished granite stones and no mortar or any kind of paste used to bond. The iron magnetic plates used in-between stones the magnetic power hold the main temple structure that, is very unimaginable. Two huge magnets kept at the top and in the basement. The Sun God Idol floated in the air with the support of magnetic rays. How they planned, calculated the magnetic forces, and constructed the temple is real wonder around the world. During the 18th century, the Portuguese sailors removed the magnet which every time distract the ships and magnetic campus. The Sun God idol one kept at Puri Jagannath temple and another at National Museum.  
The Sundial Wheels- Set The Time

konark sun temple chariot wheel
Carved chariot wheel at Konark Sun Temple

The 24 wheels that carved in the temple base works as Sundial. The spokes and small beads help to calculate the exact time up to minutes. As the wheels are both sides east and west, anytime you can find out time. The scientific calculation and architecture workmanship are extraordinary on all 24 wheels. 
Due to various reasons, the 52 tons magnet and idol removed, and the temple lost its strength. It started ruined but somehow managed to retain. The comprehensive knowledge of accuracy, architecture, astronomy, and electromagnetism is unbelievable. The planning, processing and execution are excellent. 

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