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Onion Price Hike in Odisha-India

Funny Video and Meme on Onion-Effect of Onion Price Hike In Odisha

Food Minister KV Thomashas confirmed that the onion price will be decreased in coming days, but people continue to be flooded with funny jokes,videos and comments against the price hike of onion.
'थप्पड़ से डर नहीं लगता साब प्याज़ से लगता है'
A large numbers of farmers had lost their crop due to deficient rains last year. Everybody is now expecting from government to take serious steps to keep prices under control.The prices of fruits and other vegetables have also increased across the country.

We have compiled some of the funny video and Odia memes that demonstrate the effect of onion price hike in India. Just have a look:

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funny odia photo of onion price
Funny Odia Meme on Onion

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