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(Odisha Film Industry)
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A Superstar in Cinema Field refers to an actor who enjoys wide recognition, huge fan following, big stardom, and who is esteemed for exceptional talent.
Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, The Khans and now Ranbeer Kapoor, are called as "Superstar" because they all are hugely talented, delivered many superhit films, begged many awards in their pocket and also their stardom has transcented borders.

Our Odia Film Industry, which is termed as Ollywood, is also a temple house of many Superstars. Odia films are now getting high recognition in both national and international platform. From Sita Bibaha to Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere, we have witnessed huge number of super hit films and many superstars.

List of Superstars in Odia Film Industry:


The first Ollywood actor to get the term "Superstar". He was born in 1954 and left Industry in 1992. Panda started his career in film "Dharitri" (1972) which was a big hit. He emerged as a stylish icon among the youths. He was the 1st ever Odia actor who did modelling for various regional and national brands, including Cavender's cigarretes. Later in life, due to personal reasons, he quit film industry and became a monk. Now he is a Yoga preacher at Munger, Bihar, and named himself as Swami Nitya Chaitanya.


Uttam Mohanty is considered to be one of the greatest actors of Odia Cinema. Starting his career in 1977 (Abhimaan), he has starred in some of the biggest commercially successful films from the late 1970s, 1980s & early1990s. Mohanty has also get many accreditation and awards including Odisha Living Legend Awards (2012), State Film Awards, Jaydev Puraskar & more. His huge popularity and stardom pulled many youths to watch odia films. Many of his films ran for more than 100 days in cinema halls. Now Uttam is engaged in doing character roles in many films.


The biggest best actor of Odia Film Industry. No-1 on almost anyone's list and the next big phenomenon after Uttam Mohanty. He is termed as the Superstar of Modern Cinema in Ollywood. Perhaps Siddhant undoubtly refered as the All rounder Superstar due to his extreme talent in the areas of doing dancing, action stunts, negative roles, character roles, comedy, romance. His style, body fitness, superstardom has put huge impact on younger generation. This Crowd-Puller Superstar started his career in 1993. Have acted in more than 150 films. Mr. Mohapatra is also a well known politician in Odisha. He joined Biju Janata Dal and elected to 15th Lok Sabha in 2009 as MP.


The newest Superstar of current generation. He is improving better and better with every film and is a huge crowd puller in mass. Anubhav started his career in modelling and Odia Music Albums. In 2004, Mohanty got a big break in Hara Pattnaik's "I Love You" which became one of the biggest superhit in Odia Film Industry. He have also acted in few Bengali films.  His film Suna Chaddhei Mo Rupa Chaddhei was an outstanding film and he follows it up with a more phenomenal film like Akashe ki Ranga Lagila, Abhimanyu, Something Something, Balunga Toka etc. Coming from Cuttack, this young superstar is extremely talented in doing action and romantic films. Like Siddhant, he also joined politics in 2013 for BJD. Mohanty is also a successful film producer.
-Saiprasanna Raisingh

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Unknown said…
Raja Jhia sange haigala bhaba Arindam Roy
Unknown said…
It right i agree with this
Unknown said…
I like sabyasachi mishra,Sidhanta and Anubhav ,I am biggest fan of Sabyasachi
Unknown said…
Siddhant is my always best hero. One and only best alltime superstar & duperstar in ollywood industry.