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Puri Map-Hotels-Jagannath Temple

Puri City Map and Hotels Location

Jaganntha Temple Location and Puri City Map

World famous Jagannath Dham(Temple) is located in this famous city Puri of Odisha state of India.Search  the location of Hotel Toshali Sands,Niladri Guest House,Holiday Resorts,Arya Palace,Leo Castle like 3stars and 5 stars hotels  and other temple and places like Gundicha MausiMa Mandir,Marine Drive Road,Chakra Tirtha Rd,Odisha Tourism Office,Maa Bhawani Arogya Santhan,Municipal Hospital, and Konark road. puri.

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Samir Ranjan said…
Finding hotels are the common problem for the tourists as they are new to the cities. In Puri, you'll find a number of hotels to stay, but it's little difficult to find a budget hotel according to your demand. You will see not every hotels are same. Some hotels serves you great food, some hotel shows you great respect and some hotels are worthy to stay only, like these. So it's always better to search and read reviews online about the hotel and then proceed further.
Budget Hotel in Puri