Ramakant Rath-Modernist Poet in Odia Literature

Dr. Ramakanta Rath[13th Dec 1934] is the most prolific and indeed the most modernist poet in Odia literature.Dr.Rath is heavily influenced by the poet such as T.S Eliot and Ezra  Pound.He has written so many popular poem and received the Sahitya Academy Award in 1977 and others such as:

Awards and Achievements of Dr. Ramakanta Ratha

1.PadmaBhushana [2006]
2. Saraswati Sammana for ShreeRadha [1992]
3.Bishuba Sammana [1990]
4.Sarala Puraskara [1984]
5.Kendra Sahitya Academy Award [1978]
(For ' Saptama Rutu' )

Major Works of Ramakant Rath
ramakanta rath oriya poet

 Dr Rath's Kete Dinara (Of a Long Long Time) , Aneka Kothari(Many Rooms) ,Sandigdha Mrigaya , (Suspicious Hunting) ,Saptama Ritu (The Seventh Season) ,Sachitra Andhara (Picturesque Darkness) ,Sri Radha (Sri Radha) ,Sri Palataka (Mr. Escapist) are some of the major works of this period.

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