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Odia Full Movie-Emiti Bi Prema Hue

Emiti Bi Prema Hue-Full Movie

Odia Full Movie of Sabyasachi and Priya

wallpaper and song of emiti bi prema hue

Emiti Bi Prema Hue is an Odia romantic drama film that Nishikant Dalabehera directed in 2012. The lead cast included Sabyasachi Mishra and Riya Dey, as well as Mihir Das. The film was released on February 10, 2012

Story of Odia Film-Emiti Bi Prema Hue

Surya Prakash, a mafia don who leaves with his wife Suchitra as well as Kiran, is an assistant in the mafia. To engage himself when his daughter Shibani was born, he keeps Kiran’s son Amar as his associate. Gradually, Amar and Shibani fall in love. Surya learns the truth and begins to murder Amar. This knowledge led to Shibani's suicide attempt. Surya eventually realizes his mistake and Amar and Shibani unite.

 Song List 

1.Emiti Bi Prema Hue Title Song
Lyrics-Arun Mantri
Singer-Kumar Bapi  
2.Ole Ole
Mohit Chakraborty
Manas Pritam  
3.Kiye Tate Sajeila
Mohit Chakararty
Kumar Bapi  
4.Mor Jawani Sola Saal
Jatindra Nayak
Pamela Jain
Babushaan's SWEET HEART

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