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Anu Choudhury in Hindi Film Nirvana13

Oriya Actress Anu Choudhury in Hindi-Bollywood Movie Nirvana 13

NIRVANA13 is a PSYCHOLOGICAL, PHILOSOPHICAL and SPIRITUAL Hindi feature film produced under the banner - movieteller, India - 2010-2011.

Written and Directed by Jitin Rawat

Starring: Sandeep Kulkarni and Anu Choudhury in the lead.


Nirvana 13 is a story about a man's cry for relief from agony and a woman who is silently wishing for the same. The two have a conversation about their struggles with morality and helplessness and their constant quest for a way out. This provokes different perspectives of the pragmatic and spiritual aspects of life and death. The ultimate outburst of questions on morality and helplessness is at the crux of this psychological thriller.