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Listen Online and Download Odia Bible-Oriya Bible

Please pray:

  • for God to comfort those who lost loved ones in the violence.
  • that believers will be able to freely move about and attend to the needs of their family members.
  • for immediate peace in this historically-troubled area.
  • for the safety of FCBH workers as they proceed to bring God’s Word to those in India who are cut off from the Word of God. that Audio Bible recordings will resume soon.

download odia bible and listen mp3
1. Download or Read Here Full Oriya(Odia) Bible-New Testament

2. Download or Read Here Old Testament in Oriya-Odia

Listen Online Oriya(Odia) Bible
Listen to the audio New Testament online in Oriya at Talking Bibles International.

Listen to the Oriya New Testament in audio format from Faith Comes By Hearing

Audio Bibles offer a solution to the fact that over half the people on the planet today cannot read and therefore do not have a means for understanding the Word of God. By taking advantage of the conveniences offered in today's electronic world, the Bible MP3 and Bible on CD are shared using CD, DVD players, and computers and the Bible can now be carried out onto the missionary field using electronic playback devices with multiple power sources such as solar power. Through these methods, the Word of God is expanding into the farthest reaches of the world and being shared in audio format for the benefit of all.

Faith Comes By Hearing has the world's largest catalog of Audio Bibles, which includes 525 languages spoken by over 5 billion people in 185 countries.

Audio Bible downloads are available to help spread the Word of God to those who cannot read by helping them understand the teachings of Christ in a language they understand - their own. New Testaments on MP3 and the Proclaimer (a dedicated, digital player powered by the sun) are some of the best ways to share the Scriptures. For this reason, Faith Comes by Hearing partners with translation organizations in order to record already-translated New Testaments to reach the world's oral communities.

On May 15, 2007, six hundred volunteers gathered at the Cambridge School of Cuttack,Odisha to pray, to eat together, and to take back with them 34,000 Easy-to-Read™ Oriya Bibles, provided by WBTC-India, to distribute throughout the Orissa region. Prayers for the success of this meeting were being offered all over the world!

The Bibles were grouped under a large portico for distribution by city name

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