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Corruption in India

Corruption:Only Lokpal will not resolve the problem

Corruption is the cause of self-immolation of any society, civilisation,community,culture,company,big or small states and their governments.Can any individuals or institution break the cycle? The obvious answer is no.It is much larger problem.One Lokpal will not resolve the problem just as one CVC,one CAG and various other vigilance bodies have not been solved the problem over night. The volume of corruption of the money in this country as it say black money is 60% .According to HindustanTimes News,and Global Financial Integrity(GFI)In the year 2010,India is among the top 10 developing countries in the world with a black money outflow of $1.6 billion(8,720 crore).

Corruption is a hydra headed monster and unless we adopt avery very holistic approach to this one peace of legislation or one institution will not form it.

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