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Title Song of Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu
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Anubhav Mahanty and Sudhakar Basant-On the Shooting Location of their New Upcoming Odia Film


Shooting is on for Director Sudhakar Basant's new film Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu.The story line deals with a miracle that happend on Payal's life,then the story proceeds.Olly actress Barsha Priyadarshini is acting as the Payal's character. The central character of this film are Anubhav Mahanty,Barsha and Siddhant Mahapatra. Director said this film is going to be musical love story and after ACP Ranveer,Anubhav will be finding in a new get up and in a new role.In this film he is acting as a character of a thief how we wants to make his love true-that's the story about this movie.
Tu Daki Delu Tu Thari Delu Dhain Asili Mun..

To Sathe Jebe thu Mo Hei Chi Dekha Badalai galani mo..

Kanhei re kanhei tu saragaru aa olhei
Anubhav's Marriage Video

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