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Baisi Pahache Kheliba Mina-Oriya film

Oriya Film 'Baisi Pahache Kheliba Mina...pralaya asuchi'

Bijaya Mahanty in Baisi Pahache Kheliba Mina
Achutananda Das’ famous poem in Malika says,

Jiba Jagata Hoieba Lina,
 Baishi Pahache Kheliba Mina (All the human beings will be perished and fish will play at the steps of Puri temple). In recent times, the sea has acted strangely and devoured lands on the waterfront making the people believe that Das’ prophecy will come true one day.

Photo-Odia Film
Baisi Pahache..

The New Oriya Movie of Sanjaya Nayak is based on the said story.

After starting with “rakhi bandhibi mo rakhiba mana”, director Sanjaya nayak till now made 25 movies  in a couple of years.He is all set and geared up for this next film.As his last film “Keun duniaru Asila bandhu”, this film will have lots of graphics and visual effects. He has already started the preproduction work.

Mihir Das
Bijaya Mohanty
Bina Moharana
Biju Badajena
Crew Members
Direction-Sanjaya Nayak
Music-Santi Raj Khosla
Watch Video-Making of Baisi Pahache Kheliba Mina

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